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Indian-spiced crispy kale and chickpeas salad (gf,v,vg)

Charred eggplant with chilli sauce & tahini (gf,df,v,vg)

Haricots verts and petits pois salad with spinach and cherry tomatoes (gf,v,df,vg)

Couscous salad with sunblush tomato, roasted squash and fresh herbs (v,df,vg)

Horseradish roasted new potatoes with thyme and rock salt (v,df,vg)

Yellow tomatoes with mint and spring onions (gf,v,df,vg)

Kale with chorizo, slow roast tomatoes and spiced nuts (gf,v,df,vg)

Green beans with orange peel and hazelnuts (gf,v,df,vg)

Tomatoes with wasabi dressing and pine nuts (gf,v,vg)

Roasted cauliflower with tahini dressing and toasted almonds (gf,v,vg)

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