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     'Basil Infusion' is owned and run by Harriet Lewis and was set up in 2011 and is a London based catering company.


     Having grown up amongst three generations of cooks and being drip fed family recipes and secret techniques, Harriet has explored her love of cooking from an early age. Following a two year City and Guilds course, she went on to win Oxfordshire's Young Chef of the year before moving back to London. Alongside teaching in a local nursery school, she developed her passion even further by creating a photographic portfolio of food and events.  


     This helped inspire Harriet to set up 'Basil Infusion'.


     Through a wide range of experiences, Harriet has been able to expand her knowledge and gain confidence, for example, cooking for private parties in Scottish lodges, teaching children in Austria, preparing directors' lunches and developing a comprehensive selection of canapés and cakes. From this, she continues to build an increasing number of contacts and private clients.


      Harriet aims to create something 'a little bit different' by blending quality seasonal ingredients, her passion for food and an attention to detail and presentation. This, mixed with a love of entertaining and loyal family and friends, is how 'Basil Infusion' was born!

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