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Canapé Platters

Salt and pepper beef skewers with wasabi mayo (gf)

Harissa lamb skewers with a mint yoghurt (gf)

Mini potato fondants with crisped lamb and tomato jam

Sherry honey chicken, rosemary aioli, crispy skin (gf)

5 spice confit duck bon bon, sweet tamarind ketchup (df)

Artichoke, fig and prosciutto skewers (gf)

Gin cured salmon on a cucumber cup (gf,df)

Cray fish salad on a tapioca crisp (gf)

Chilli, garlic and butter fried prawn skewers with a coriander mayo (gf)

Sweetcorn and courgette fritters (v)

Green Edamame and pea falafel with a spicey mango chutney (gf,v)

Green pea and chilli samosas with a minted yoghurt (v)

White truffle arancini & black truffle mayonnaise (v)

Celeriac medallions with truffle puree and roasted cauliflower (gf,v)

Pea and artichoke puree on polenta crisps (gf,v)

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